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If you’re looking for an easy guide to buy a router then you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ll guide you on buying the correct router in 2021.

Choose The Right WiFi Standard

Developing and use of WiFi or WiFi-related devices must follow global standards. These standards ensure that devices like smartphones, IoT devices can connect without issues. You can quickly identify the technology used through their names.

You don’t have to worry about connecting your new devices to your old routers. However, you won’t face any connection issues but routers with old WiFi standard provides reduced internet speed. 

A new naming system is introduced with 802.11ax. The oldest version, 802.11b is renamed WiFi 1, and the latest 802.11ax is named WiFi 6. 

Why Choose WiFi 6?

WiFi technology is always evolving, and we are constantly getting better and faster speeds. The latest version is ax or WiFi 6. We would suggest you buy a router with WiFi 6 because of its incredible speed and drop in price. The WiFi 6  is superior to its previous version WiFi 5 in many ways.

The capability of WiFi 6 is to deal with huge traffic at once with a theoretical speed of up to 9.6 Gbps which is 3 times the previous version offered by WiFi 5. You’ll be glad to find improvements in streaming HD videos, gaming, and other connected devices. We highly recommend buying a router with WiFi 6 capabilities to future-proof yourself. 

Number of Devices to be Connected

While buying a router you also should consider the number of devices that you are going to use. If you only use 3 to 4 devices then you won’t face issues using any router. The simplest routers support up to 8 devices. 

A single band 2.4GHz router is capable of a theoretical speed of 300 Mbps, say when 5 devices are connected they’ll share 60 Mbps of bandwidth each. So, if you’ve got a multitude of devices say more than 15 or 20 devices to be connected at once. We highly recommend using dual-band or tri-band routers.

Another thing to remember is to pay attention to the number of ethernet ports. If you’ve got many devices that need to be connected through cables. 

Important Security Features

Security is another important thing you’ll need to consider while buying a router. You should be in full control of your network for privacy. Always buy a router that has a good firewall and additional security features. Furthermore, you should choose that it has advanced firmware support.

If you’ve children at home and want them not to be exposed to illegal or adult content. You can buy router that has built-in parental control. Also, there are some routers that can limit internet usage. Moreover, there are also routers with guest access so that you don’t have to give them your primary password.


We hope that you’re clear on how to buy a router. You always should consider the features you require while choosing the router. We highly suggest you buy a router with the latest version as it can be used for a long time and make your life easy.


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