There are various types and forms of large wall art. Hence, they are suitable for use in all kinds of environments. From more official settings to more homely settings, there are most definitely ideal large wall paintings. If used properly, large wall arts could have an even more pronounced effect than various other decorative pieces put together.

So if a person is into interior design, they could make use of large wall arts to work wonders. A particular painting that could be described as being truly special is the white horse painting. This is a unique example of animal large hanging wall paintings. Which is right there in the same lane as nature paintings.

However, what if one decides to go about the whole design process all on their own? It is not impossible. It is not impossible at all. All one needs to do is follow certain principles and the whole thing will be as stress-free as can be. We will not be able to spill out every single guideline followed by everyone. However, we will outline a few of these principles while using the paintings mentioned earlier when making examples (where necessary).

Important Large Hanging Wall Paintings Guidelines

First and foremost, if a person is planning to go big with a painting, it would be ideal to avoid crossing the line. At what point is the “line crossed”? For a more ideal effect, it would be better if the painting(s) takes at most about 65 percent to 70 percent of the wall space.

Second, if your wall space is narrow, then smaller sized large wall paintings would be ideal. So if one has a narrow but long space, smaller sized large wall painting with a frame would suffice.

Third, make sure the location of the large hanging wall painting is a focal point. A location where it gets enough light but is not in the way. In most settings. This means above the fireplace. If however, you have a large wall close to an adequate amount of light (say glass windows and doors), that wall would equally be perfect. When a person steps into a room, their attention is usually drawn to all regions which are easily touched by the light.

Next, always see to it that the large hanging wall painting you have chosen flows or is in sync with the rest of the house. If you already have flowers or are going for a homely feeling, the white horse painting we mentioned earlier might not be so bad. However, if one is gunning for a more futuristic or official look, then abstract large hanging wall paintings would not be so bad either.

Last but not least, the picture should not be too high up or too low. Try to align the picture at an ideal eye level. Like this, it would be easier for people to appreciate the picture in detail without inconveniencing themselves.


While these are just general principles, they go a long way if one chooses to do the decoration on their own. It would be a fun experiment and it would save you some cash, so why not?


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