A lot of households are now filling their bare walls with canvas prints – the closest thing to owning a real piece of art. Not only are they popular but they can easily pass off as a real painting too!

But of course, the best way to appreciate your choice of canvas prints properly is to display them properly. You should also keep in mind how it will into your home’s interior design or color scheme.

If you do not have a good eye for this kind of detail, do not worry! Here are a list of stylish ways to arrange and display your canvas prints.

Stick with a theme and group canvas prints together

A common style of displaying canvas prints is to have a series of images that forms one theme and group them together. This adds an interesting point where people can gather to admire the display and even start conversations.

A common example is to do several canvas prints of family gatherings and hang them along the stairs. It adds a personal touch to your home and gives your visitors a peek into your happy memories.

If you have several pets, you can also do canvas prints of their portraits and hang them together. Just make sure that their images have a common element such as the same background or same drawing or painting style.

Rule of three

This means that three items grouped together can create a stylish effect. The rule of three is eye-catching and calls for attention. If you chose really good canvas prints and you want visitors to notice them, the rule of three is best for you.

The best way to execute the rule of three is to have canvas prints of the same size hanged together in a vertical or horizontal order. You can do one image split into three or three different images that belong to one theme.

Expect the unexpected

Hanging your canvas prints in overlooked places can have a surprising effect in a room too. These can be large spaces over a doorway or the ceiling!

Placing your canvas prints in areas where no one expects them adds an element of interest to your home. Just make sure that you do not overdo this idea so that you do not end up cluttering your own space.

Mix and match

Another interesting way to display canvas prints is to use mixed media. For instance, you can display painted images and your photos together.

You have to make sure that they complement each other though or that there is a unifying theme. For instance, you can get abstract canvas prints that are in the shades of blue and you can mix them with portraits of you in the beach or pool.

These are just a few ideas on the best ways to display your canvas prints. You can be creative about it too! To make sure that your canvas prints will fit any room you hang it in, keep in mind your home’s interior design or color scheme before choosing your images. This way, you have a filter on what colors or style to choose before you go deal with a printing shop and have them printed out.


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