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Google TV features finally make sense with new multi-user support

After launching in October of last year, Google TV is finally getting one of its most requested features: multi-user profile support. Google TV is a revamp...

AR Glasses: Unleashing Travel’s Next Frontier

Let's dive into the ever-thrilling world of travel, where the game-changers aren't just landmarks and cultures but the revolutionary augmented reality (AR) glasses. Don’t...

Apple releases iOS and iPadOS 15.0.2, with fixes for CarPlay, Photos, and more

Apple has just released a second bug-fix update for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 focused on resolving small issues that have been discovered since...

USB-C Cable Versions & Future

Not only this but UGREEN has also tied up with another company providing affiliated marketing services, named as ShareAsale. The consumer can earn a...

Why Should You Buy Honor Mobile 5G With Enhanced Features

Are you seeking guidance on which 5G phone is best for playing games, or is image processing sound? Or perhaps you might be finding...