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This article will convey about Ugreen USB-c cable and will specify the C type cable. Several segments of this blog will also specify its variable types and their uses.

Legacy USB-C Cable Versions

This section of the article will depict the different versions of USB cables. USB came into consideration in 1996 all over the world. However, the research and development department has upgraded its version to make the USB system more prominent.

The researchers have come up with four generations of USB viz. USB 1. x, USB 2.0, USB 3. x, and USB4. However, these generations of USBs depict how quickly people are choosing Type C USBs over any other charging cables.

1. USB 1x

This is the first-ever type of USB which has almost 1.5 Mbit/s and 12 Mbit/s signaling rates. USB 1x is not superior, so any extension cables or pass-through monitors are not promoted. However, this is due to the power limitation property of USB 1x.

2. USB 2.0

USB 2.0 came into consideration when the specific design of USB 1x wasn’t able to connect with any of the connectors larger than Type A or Type B. This updated USB version was released in 2000 with about 480 Mbit/s of signaling rate. USB 2.0 was very much compatible with both Mini-A and Mini-B type Connectors. However, it also had some battery charging specifications with high VBUS limits.

The above two versions of USB are inadequate to fulfill people’s desire. So the fill in the gap type research and development team upgraded a new and more efficient version of USB after USB 2.0. The upcoming segments will inform the readers about USB’s present and future versions.

3. USB 3. x

This upgraded generation of USB has a SuperSpeed transfer mode. This mode is connected to several cables and backward compatible plugs. However, the receptacles of this USB have some standard formats along with different types of logos for identification. Both low-power and high-power devices are compatible with this connector. Still, devices can take advantage of increased availability current flow within the range of 150 mA and 900 mA, with the help of SuperSpeed.

4. USB 4

USB 4 is the latest version with the Thunderbolt 3 specification. The upgraded generation of USB has a high-speed link. However, it is also compatible with multiple end devices and acts as one of the best methods of data transfer.

Will Type-C Discontinue In The Future?

No, the Type-C cable will get turned up like trash. The Type-C cable is such a version of connected that is compatible with the prior versions of USBs. So, as it is fulfilling the customers’ needs in some other ways, there is no point in discontinuation.


Ugreen USB is a useful appliance for everyone. A connector or cable is one of those useful devices that leads an easy lifestyle. However, the version of USBs has appeared in front of everyone, just a cherry on the cake with all possible advancements.


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