Farming is a vital part of the game for many players. As Lost Ark’s core design includes hunting and slaying monsters to obtain loot, fodder items can be very repetitive when trying to progress in the early game. The best way to effectively farm gold in the earlier stages of Lost Ark is by following a few simple steps.

Find a map with an abundant source of monsters. I would recommend the third town you visit, Mupa Jungle. The second map has a wide range of level 1-3 mobs that yield high gold and EXP rewards quickly killed.

Prioritize farming monsters with a high chance of dropping armor or accessory fragments. These items are invaluable to the early game since crafting equipment is expensive and challenging before obtaining unique recipes. Killing forest apes, for example, will give you a higher chance to bring rarer accessories over other lesser mobs in the jungle. Also, prioritize attacking minions first to save your health points from being wasted during battle! Visit igvault now!

Please note that this is not the only way to farm gold in Lost Ark gold; there are others over the internet, some effective and some less effective. This method was created by me while planting for 16 hours straight without dying once.

#1) You will need to go into multiplayer mode and find 1-2 people who are willing to do missions with you so that they can share their loot with you after each task (also known as “farming”).

#2) Next, head over to the nearest town, where your partner will buy weapons for both of you if needed. After that, head back out into the world until one of you finds a high-level monster.

#3) After you find the monster, your partner will keep hitting the beast with minimal damage while you watch them fight it. If they start to lose health, hurry up and use potions or Talismans to recover their health.

#4) After your partner manages to kill the monster, one of you should pick up drops if there are any drops in the area. The loot that was dropped may include gold coins that can be used for future purchases. It doesn’t matter which person picks up the loot since they both get rewards equally when all is said and done (remember who picked up each item).

#5) Repeat these steps until your wallet becomes full so you can purchase Orbs at the Store.

#6) If you follow these steps, you should earn around 1 million gold or more per hour, depending on how many potions are used during the fight against the monster. Note that this method will not work every single time because monsters only spawn randomly in different areas. You won’t know where they are located until they are found, so it is best to stick together for safety if either person is doing no other quests.


Here’s why I recommend partners share all items equally. The game tracks who deals more damage to a monster, and whoever deals more damage gets higher priority at looting drops from that monster even if one player deals way more damage than the other player does. So your partner who deals way more damage can essentially steal drops from you if monster drops are shared equally. The only time that I recommend sharing drops equally is when both players deal the same amount of damage to any given monster. This might not be very clear, but it’s best to trust me on this one.

Final words: How To Farm Gold In Lost Ark Easily – 2022 Method

I recommend doing quests while farming gold to don’t have to backtrack too much. However, if your partner doesn’t want to do searches, then go out into the world and fight monsters instead of doing missions.

The 2022 Method isn’t that hard to use, and anyone can efficiently perform it. Just follow these steps, and you will farm gold faster than before.

Lost Ark is an addicting game that you should play with friends to make fun of. I rate the game 9/10 for its graphics and how much time players can put into it.


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