A  pressure washer is really helpful for in-home cleaning projects. It can be helpful even for seasonal cleaning and washing indoors as well as outdoors. According to experts,  pressure washer machines will become standard equipment for cleaning by 2024. There are different grades of pressure washers and a little training is required for the usage of a consumer-grade pressure washer. However, it can cause injury when you mistakenly mismanage it. To help newbies use the pressure washer effectively, this article will serve as a fundamental guide to avoid the six most common mistakes.

Mismanagement Of Spray Angle Of  Pressure Washer

When you are planning to clean a surface through a Giraffe Tool’s pressure washer, you should keep your equipment at a proper angle. It will ensure smooth and effective washing. Most of the time, if a person is a newbie to using Giraffe Tool’s pressure washer, he forgets to spray at the right possible angle. Such a mistake can cause damage to the targeted surface as well as injury to the person performing the operation.

Absence Of Safety Equipments While Using  Pressure Washer

‘ pressure washer is not a simple toy that one can use without proper safety equipment. A highly pressurized water jet dispensing from your pressure washer has the ability to cut human flesh. Therefore, it is highly recommended by experts to use safety equipment while washing with your pressure washer. It will reduce the risks of injury through pressure washers.

Selection Of Wrong Nozzle In  Pressure Washer

Choosing a right nozzle is as important as directing the spray at a right angle. The selection of the right nozzle for your pressure washer is considered the key safety step that most people don’t follow. You have to select the nozzle based on the type of job that you will be performing through your pressure washer. For example, a zero-degree nozzle is never the right nozzle to wash wood or glass materials as it can break them.

Using Wrong Engine Powered  Pressure Washer

There are two main types of pressure washers. One is a gas-powered pressure washer while the other is an electric-powered pressure washer. An electric engine is more suitable for indoor purposes since it has low pressure as compared to a gas-powered engine. Most people take it wrong and use gas-powered pressure washers for indoor purposes. Gas-powered pressure washers have high pressure and can cause damage to home items.

Overloaded Pressure In  Pressure Washer

There is a pressure pump in your pressure washer system. If you aren’t able to manage it then it may cause injuries as well as damage to the structures in your surrounding. You shouldn’t turn on the pressure washer with the wrong pressure at the wrong surface and direction. Once you are ready, you can turn it on and wash the surface while standing at a distance.

Spraying  Pressure Washer In Wrong Direction

When you are cleaning and washing the siding of your house with a  pressure washer, you should never spray upwards against the siding. Doing so can result in the structural damage of sidings hence making it appear very ugly. The best solution is to wash the siding by remaining on the ground. You shouldn’t use a ladder while pressure washing since a higher pressure can cause you to fall on the ground.


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