Ugreen has evolved into a global brand with over 40 million users in more than 100 countries. Their award-winning product line includes a diverse variety of car phone holders and chargers. If you’re interested in quality gadgets such as smartphone holders for your tables and/or car mounts, feel free to visit ugreen’ page to get wowed.

CD slot gravity stand

Ugreen’s CD Slot Car Phone Mount enables users to position their phone for GPS navigation, music listening, or hands-free phone calls at a comfortable angle. Its flexible structure allows you to get a clear view of the road ahead and drive much more safely.

You can indeed adjust the smartphone to a perfect angle for the best view for navigating the GPS and obtain a clear view on your phone screen with the CD slot gravity mobile phone stand. It comes with soft silicone padding to overlay the aluminum alloy used in gravity arm holders of the Mobile Phone Gravity CD Car Cradle. It offers a secure hold, but it also protects your cell phone and car CD player from scratches.

Dashboard Clip Car Mount

The clip car mounts from Ugreen are designed to be used for a variety of purposes. For added convenience, it can be placed on the dashboard, sun visor, rear-view mirror, and even the home/office desk.

In addition, the arms and clip are made of a comfortable non-slip silicone material that protects your phone and car from scratches.

The car phone holding board rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to position your phone in portrait or landscape mode. The arm can be tilted 180 degrees to provide you with the optimal viewing angle that is both safe and comfortable. Installation is simple and quick, with no screws or extra adhesives required.

Attach your phone to the clamp of this auto phone holder base by clipping it to the edge of the dashboard. You may also modify the angle of the cell phones and the car dash mount kit according to your preferences.

Anti-slip rubber pads effectively prevent your phone from being loose when driving, securely holding it in place and preventing it from slipping.

High-quality ABS material is chosen to withstand temperatures ranging from -20°C to 90°C, ensuring a healthy vehicle environment free of contaminates.

Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

The Ugreen’s car cup holder for smartphones fits effortlessly into your car’s cup holder, eliminating those annoying clips that restrict your air vents during winter, pushing hot air directly onto your smartphone and potentially overheating it. This means no clumsier magnetic holders, and most importantly, no sticky residue on your dashboard or windshield.

Ugreen cell phone holder for your car is a robust and expanded base that allows you to quickly tighten and loosen three expanding ears on the bottom to suit a variety of cup holders in vehicles including cars, SUVs, or perhaps SUVs.

It’s applicable in both vertical and horizontal orientations in a 360-degree rotation, providing you additional flexibility while navigating, listening to music, or charging in the car. With a diameter ranging from 2.56″ to 3.6″, this cup holder phone mount offers a stable hold in your cup holders.


Ugreen introduced a wide variety of car phone holders, including the CD slot gravity mobile phone stand, Dashboard Clip Car Mount, and Car Cup Holder Phone Mount, which are some of the most extraordinary inventions of all time.


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