Perusing beautiful pictures of dreamy bathrooms can quickly get you hating on your old bathroom. Seeing your bathroom’s cramped and dull look compared to what’s popular on Pinterest will get anyone jealous.

But what if you don’t have to pay a premium to interior designers to redecorate your bathroom? What if you can give your washroom that same dreamy look with only a few tricks and bright ideas?

Get Better lighting!

The cheapest, fastest, and easiest method to upgrade your bathroom’s looks is to get new lighting. You may not even need to modify any wiring, o change your globes and light bars. The effect of a beautiful lighting setup on your bathroom decor may surprise you.

LED lighting features are your best bet for their energy-efficiency, and hanging pendants often look impressive next to the mirror.

Paints, Wallpapers and Wall Art!

It’s not just about painting your bathroom walls with your favorite colors; you can do the cabinets too! Be artistic, and don’t be afraid to combine colors while repainting your bathroom. Dark colors can add some drama to your bathroom, whereas light colors will make it seem larger.

If your landlord doesn’t allow paints, don’t be discouraged, a vinyl wallpaper will do just as well. You have extensive options for removable wall art and wallpapers with which you can decorate your bathroom. 

If you can’t change the old tiles, don’t give up hope, stick-it tiles are the perfect alternative. They are adhesive tiles that you can stick to the original tiles without damaging anything. You don’t need anyone’s help to install them, and they look like real tiles to boot. 

As you can see, there are multiple cheap and readily available options for you to redecorate your washroom walls.

How About a Hardware Upgrade!

New faucets, toilet paper holders, towel bars, and more, changing all these and more will transform your bathroom’s decor. They are easy to install too, all you need do is to pop off the old ones and screw them in.

You’ll be surprised by how changing your wastebasket, shower curtains, and more can affect how your washroom looks.

Reorganize Your Space with A Vanity!

A common problem with old washrooms is that space never seems to be enough. You can install a beautiful bathroom vanity to free up plenty of space for other things. Not only does it add to your washroom’s beauty, but it also helps you keep the place neat.

Your bathroom won’t look like a hurricane just swept through if you have a vanity to put all your stuff. Even better for renters, there are removable cabinets that you can take with you when your lease is up.

Get A New Mat!

Your bathroom makeover is never complete without a new bath mat. You don’t need a Persian rug mat to redecorate your bathroom; all you need is something beautiful with unique designs.


Little things like these ideas can transform your bathroom from that old ugly thing to something worthy of Pinterest. All of these without you having to pay for expensive facilities or hire pricy interior designers.


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